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The brainchild of Amy Elizabeth, the art lab is an online artistic community whose aim is to hold each other accountable, be intentional and practice creativity in a safe communal space as often as possible.

In addition to daily assignments, each month, members work on a piece of artwork based on a common prompt meant to challenge and inspire each and every one of us. 

The weird film club is a blog where, three film photography nerd friends – Alec Pain, in the UK, Jessica Kosmak, in Canada, and myself, in the USA – share their experiments with unusual, rare, weird, self-altered, sometimes expired film stocks.

Go have a look, it doesn’t get updated as often as it should, but it’s wonderful and free-spirited.

This community is being retired, but for a while it was the best corner to be a photographer that could be found on the internet. 

Friendships were made, vocations discovered, creativity pushed. It was a place that knew no boundaries.