Fontana Giusti


street . Portrait . art


Self-portraits are central to my photography. It is self-soothing and it deepens my understanding of photography as an art and as a craft. 

In addition to being a therapeutic tool, the practice gives me total creative freedom, as the person in front of and behind the lens, as well as permission to experiment and learn. Also, and most importantly, I can simply be silly.

Deep in the gloom of this morose winter

I’m feeling melancholic, moody, blue.

Days and nights leave me with nothing but blur,

A dull ache with sharp edges – a spleen flu.

It may not rain outside, still my heart weeps.

It’s made of glass and those tears are like pearls.

With each drop it gets more wet, ‘til it slips;

I cannot hold it, and the hurt unfurls.

When it touches the ground it explodes,

Shatters into a thousand little shards.

This time’s different, not like past episodes,

These small pieces belong in a junkyard.

And I look at myself in the mirror.

What am I left with? Pearls, tears, nothing more.