Fontana Giusti


portraits . street . fine art


I am a portrait photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. My cameras are my eyes, my mind, my heart. 

I am profoundly interested in the human form in all of its diversity, in capturing not just likeness but the self, what makes a character, someone’s personality.

I will photograph you as a professional, as a hobbyist, as a person. I will photograph your family, I will photograph your circle, I will photograph you. Tell me what you want to portray and I will come up with ways to make your personality shine bright on a photograph.

I am also excited to work with companies and publishers for their editorial or commercial needs. Feel free to reach out to me for a quote.

I shoot exclusively on film for how beautiful and alive it looks, for the purpose of restrain in a world of limitlessness, for my dislike of computers, for an attachment to the technology I grew up with, and for how meditative the entire process is to me. I develop and scan all of my images myself, in my home studio and lab.

I am open to inquiries and requests for service, so if you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch.

I want to make sure that each of my clients leaves their photography session confident and empowered.

I will listen to your aspirations and to your concerns and come up with creative ways to turn your portrait into a work of art. I use posing, lighting techniques, props and anything you’re comfortable with to reveal personalities. I can use what you have, but I can also bring tools and equipment to a session, depending on the creative concepts we come up with.

I strongly encourage you to bring your own creative ideas to the table. We can share moodboards or even just an image or two to make sure that we are on the same page.

What it costs

I charge $690 per session. This fee is collected at booking to secure the date.

It includes:

– an initial in person consultation to discuss your interests, your goals, inspirations

– a 45/60 minute session shooting 

– a $400 credit for you to purchase images when they are ready


This fee is non refundable.


Please note that this booking fee does not directly include photographs. It does however include a credit that will be applied towards the purchase of images.