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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

Madison, WI photographer & artist

Hi, can I take your picture? Yeah, that’s how we might have met, I’m sorry (not really) but I can’t help it.

My name is Flavia and I’m a portrait, children and family photographer who embraces both a documentary approach to my subjects, and experimental techniques on the medium. 

I was born in France, and grew up all around the world, but mostly in Italy and France. I met my husband in Paris and together we moved again halfway across the world, had two beautiful children, and finally settled down in Madison, Wisconsin – to be honest though, there’s always luggage half-packed somewhere in the house…

My subjects always feature some form of human presence, and that’s because I’m fascinated by people, faces, activities, how we live, how we interact, how we love. I chase emotions, letting go of perfection, and embracing the unpredictable.

I shoot mostly on film, because the process and the very physical aspect of the medium fit my interests, and also because it produces photographs that feel timeless and that aren’t meant to simply live as digital file.

Self-portrait of Madison Photographer Flavia Fontana Giusti holding a bulb remote shutter release with a medium format camera

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please be in touch! I’m open to travel, I’m open to portrait photography, I’m open to adventure, however this may present itself.

The photographic services I offer

People and their Stories
portraits, families, newborns, seniors, headshots...

Madison, WI family photographer | Madison, WI portrait photographer​

I love stories. Let me tell yours. 

 I can and I will wear many hats: Madison WI family photographer, children photographer, lifestyle photographer.

I also photograph portraits either on location or in a studio setup. My studio travels with me, so I can photograph your headshot wherever most convenient for you, be it in the comfort of your home, in your office, or anywhere you wish to have as a background.

Schedule a call with me so we can discuss your project:

communities and events

Madison, WI preschool photographer | Madison, WI events photobooth

I photograph children for schools and preschools in and around Dane County. My style is classical and timeless, and I offer a variety of sets to suit the aesthetic and philosophy of the school and the families it serves.

I also take my popup photographic studio (or photobooth) on the road to serve corporate and community events. Get in touch to learn more.

My extensive experience as a street, travel and documentary photographer and my artistic practice also makes me well suited for editorial photography. I would be honoured and very excited to help you develop your vision into striking images. Please schedule a call with me to discuss your project:

The art I make

This is the work that I do for the love of photographic art

I’m consumed by the need to document the streets and the place I roam and travel to. How do we live, how do we interact, how do we play? These are all questions I’m interested in when I step outside with a camera around my neck. 

If you spend enough time on my website, you’ll notice I balance my documentary approach with a wild need to experiment and try all sorts of processes. A practice that’s resource-intensive, high risk, but also, most importantly, deeply rewarding. 

A selection of my personal work is available for purchase on my print store. Go check it out, you might find the perfect artwork for your walls:

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