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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

Family photographer in Madison, Wisconsin

So you’re looking for a Madison, Wisconsin family photographer? 

I’m so glad you found my page because I love documenting life, its cycles, children and their growth. I’ve been calling Madison my home since May 2021, and it was love at first sight – seriously, I was not expecting that view on arrival on John Nolan road… This is such a wonderful corner of the world, where each season has beauty to offer, and amazing light.

I bring a mixture of a documentary approach and of experimental work, I have a very unposed style, and I strive to capture images that feel timeless and instantly nostalgic.

So if that speaks to you, whether you want to let your kids loose around the majestic oak trees of Olin Park, plan an extended family session walking around the Arboretum, whether you want to bask in the magical low light at golden hour on one of Madison’s many beaches, or whether prefer to document your life in the intimacy of your home, I’m there for it. I can photograph in natural light and with the support of artificial light, so get in touch and let’s discuss your family, your goals, and your artistic vision!

how i work

I’m based and primarily photograph families in Madison, Wisconsin and its immediate surroundings.

That being said, I can travel to a two hour radius for an extra fee, and I’m an avid traveler with a valid passport (a perk of hiring an Alien) and I will serve families all around the world if you get me on location and provide accommodation. 

I also travel to my two countries of origin, France and Italy, once a year, so if you have photographic on the old continent that coincides with my yearly migration, I’ll be very happy to open up my schedule!

First contact phone call: we have a call to discuss your vision, your needs, your ideas and your goals. I prefer this call be scheduled because I’m not always available but I’ll probably pick the phone up anyways and be in a completely different mind space and it won’t work out, whereas if I know we’re due for a call, I’ll be ready…

During this call, we decide on a date and location – please note that booking is complete only once the sitting fee has been paid.

My sessions take approximately 45 minutes of shooting time.

Within a week of the session, I will send you a link to your gallery with no less than 15 images. Prints and digitals can be purchased directly from the gallery.

You bet I will!

I use a variety of cameras and film formats in my work, and you might be taken aback by how much equipment I carry with me – and the bulk and clunk are not my favorite part of the job, but every camera serves its purpose, trust me. 

I’m not afraid of using digital either if it serves me creatively, but I find that shooting with film frees me in more than one way, and the resulting images simply look magical!

We meet on the agreed upon location – you look at me, gage how many cameras I brought with me and question your choice of photographer thinking I must be insane, I smile back, mumble some vague explanation and hope you’ll bear with me and trust the process…

we spend 40-50 minutes on location documenting your family. 

During those 40-50 minutes, I will direct you and prompt the children to get candid interactions and genuine expressions. I do very little posing to keep things natural and flowing, and to make everyone comfortable and happy.

I’ll bring some snacks to keep the kids happy, it’s also a good idea to bring water. If you prefer to stay in charge of their nutrition, just let me know and I will back off.

In 2023 I charge $450 for the sitting fee. 

Prints and digitals are a separate purchase that occurs after delivery of the proofs directly from the client gallery. 

A family of four’s typical investment lands between $700 and $1200 in total.

The sitting fee covers:

  • any consultation we’ll have ahead of the session
  • some background research on my end: location scouting, inspirations, light tests etc.
  • the shooting session along with my consumables 
  • Developing and processing the images in order to deliver a proofing gallery within a week of the session
The images are a separate purchase from the sitting fee that occurs after delivery of the proofing gallery. 
Please note that for larger groups (over 6 people), there might be a fee adjustment.

Some more resources to help you plan for your family photography session

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