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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

Portrait photographer in Madison, Wisconsin

Whether you’re an individual looking to treat yourself with a fine art portrait, or weather you’re looking to update your a headshot, or whether you’re looking to upgrade your dating profile, I’m so glad you landed on my page!

I’m a Madison, Wisconsin portrait photographer and I work on location, in studio, with natural light or with the support of artificial lights, with concepts, and with faces, with bodies. You name it!  As a matter of fact, there’s very little that gets me as excited as a new person to photograph.

I see the art of portrait photography as a creative collaboration between the photographer and his subject. During my sessions you can expect very little posing, but that doesn’t mean I will not be directing or guiding you.

I work with children – as a matter of fact I’m a very good children photographer -, with adults, with senior citizens, with people of all genders, sexes, sizes, races and ethnicities. My door is wide open, and I’ll talk to anyone. Tell me your story, and let me take your picture!

There are several ways I can take your portrait...

These are portraits we make on location, to tell a story. The setting becomes part of the portrait and gives context to the image.

What is you favorite location? 

What message are you trying to convey?


In studio the work is more focused on the person and less on the story. But that doesn’t mean it’s simple, there are so many ways we can work with lights and backgrounds. 

I have a portable studio that can fit into most spaces and come to you, or we can rent a studio space, or set up outdoors, etc. 

Contact me with your events project. I have experience with volume photography, and with fine arts portraiture. 

Depending on your vision we can work out a popup studio for your guests or as a service to your clients during your corporate events. Film and digital photography available.

Photographic portrait of an older lady with beautiful long grey hair, looking smart, gaze slightly to the left, a slight smile

how does a portrait session work?

I’m based and primarily photograph families in Madison, Wisconsin and its immediate surroundings.

That being said, I am open to travel. Whether I’m going somewhere near you, or you want me to come photograph you at a certain location, we can talk. Get in touch and we’ll figure something out. 

Before anything can happen, we need to have a chat. Usually on the phone, but if that’s something you absolutely loathe, I’ll adapt to your favorite channel, just get in touch and let me know what works. 

During that call I will want to know what it is you are looking for: a fine art session, indoors or out, with the studio, etc. I’ll also try to understand your goals and if you have a creative vision, it’s a good time to let me know. That initial contact is also when we will pre-book your session date – please note that booking is complete only once the sitting fee has been paid.

I will then present you with a creative vision illustrated by a mood board, and determine the technical approach I think will work best.

My sessions take approximately 45 minutes, but that will depend on what we decide – studio or not, location, etc.

Within a week of the session, I will send you a link to your gallery with no less than 15 images. Prints and digitals can be purchased directly from the gallery.

You bet I will!

I use a variety of cameras and film formats in my work, and you might be taken aback by how much equipment I carry with me – and the bulk and clunk are not my favorite part of the job, but every camera serves its purpose, trust me. 

I’m not afraid of using digital either if it serves me creatively, but I find that shooting with film frees me in more than one way, and the resulting images simply look magical!

In 2024 I charge $450 for the sitting fee. 

Prints and digitals are a separate purchase that occurs after delivery of the proofs directly from the client gallery. 

Clients can expect to spend a total amount between $500 and $700.

The sitting fee covers:

  • any consultation we’ll have ahead of the session
  • some background research on my end: location scouting, inspirations, light tests etc.
  • the shooting session along with my consumables 
  • Developing and processing the images in order to deliver a proofing gallery within a week of the session
The images are a separate purchase from the sitting fee that occurs after delivery of the proofing gallery. 


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