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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti


Let’s start by saying that this did not go as planned, if you can even consider that I plan my outings. I set off to Willy’s street on a Sunday morning, not thinking that the area would be still sleepy, with some very very very expired film in my Yashica TLR and a point-and-shoot camera I was carrying around to test if it was working. 

Basically setting myself up for some unpredictable results…

The point-and-shoot images came back lovely, they were the best of my test roll. These beautiful contrasts are the magic of Fujifilm Acros100II. The camera was a Minolta Freedom Zoom 140EX Panorama date, and it’s supposed to have some nice features, if only I could figure out how to get sharp images, focussed where they’re supposed to be.

The very very very expired film (a Rexall Panchromatic ISO 80 expired in February 1965) did some weird stuff in camera: it slightly tore but also other things I don’t fully understand because when I opened the camera the film was not where it was supposed to be. In the spirit of sportsmanship I am posting (below this text) the two images that actually got taken of the 12 exposures I thought I’d made, but there’s not much to see.

Win some, lose some. But the TLR is an excellent conversation starter to get these street portraits.

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