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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

MAY 21, 2022 // MADISON

The day felt slow at first, and that Pentax67 was heavy, but boy did I get lucky!

In one afternoon I met a greek deity walking dowstream as I was making my way upstream. Then I got to channel Jamal Shabbazz big time with two men grooving to a boombox – so hip-hop! – and I met two sweet goths that agreed to let me capture their fabulous looks – it felt like Rick Owens was meeting Vivienne Westwood. And finally I ran into Larry O’BamBam who gave me the best Thomas O’Malley vibes (check your Disney classics folks). Does this even make any sense?

This to say that I love the streets. There’s nothing like it.

This is Kodak Gold 200 in the Pentax67. And did the film and the camera deliver in this bright early evening light!

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