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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

JUNE 6, 2022 // madison

Yesterday I hit my usual spot with the Yashica Mat loaded with Kodak TriX expired in 1987 and my sidekick Emilio
Let me tell you, hitting the streets with a kid in tow is haaaaard!
I have no idea how Vivian Mayer managed to nanny and photograph at the same time. Usually I alternate between strolling leisurely to accelerating abruptly to chase someone or a scene, and with a kid your amplitude is very very very limited, let alone the fact that you’re splitting your focus big time (nothing is more distracting than kids).
Still I’m very pleased with these, without Emilio I might have done more, but it was also fun to take him to the ice-cream shop and to the candy store I was hoping he wouldn’t notice as we passed it.
Also, can we talk about how even 35y-old expired TriX is stunningly gorgeous! I rated it at 100 and pushed it two stops in development. The film base is on the dark side, but it didn’t matter because all the information, all the contrasts are still there, I barely adjusted anything in NLP. This film stock is as timeless and classic as they get!

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