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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti


Walking the streets with Maddie, episode 1
(Justin, and Jacob were there too)

There’s nothing like confronting your photographic practice with another photographer to rekindle the flame and get new ideas, so in the middle of my solo staycation, I decided to head to Milwaukee and go on a photowalk with some pretty sassy photographers. 

Meet Maddie Mason (film queen of the Midwest), Justin Hofmann, and Jacob (briefly).

These images were made on Kodak Tri-X400 in the Yashica Mat EM, where I played with geometries and perspectives, and on Cinestill 400D in the Canon Eos Elan7, for more candid moments.

Maddie Mason, film queen of the Midwest.

Looking up, looking down.

Three perspectives on crosswalks.

Love stories…

… and friendships.

The Milwaukee Museum of Arts, a work of art in itself, four ways.

The beauty of meeting with a group of photographers, is that we all end up doing our own thing, so there’s time to explore what each of us wants to explore.

Quiet and chaos.

The analog street photography sisterhood is alive and well in Wisconsin!

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