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Fontana Giusti


This last Sunday I went to Chicago O’Hare to welcome back my family from their three weeks in Germany. Their flight was late and I knew it, but I wasn’t sure what the traffic would look like on a Sunday evening towards Chicago (turns out it was smooth, Monday was a holiday after all), so I headed over a little early. with my Olympus OM2 (which is conveniently light and has that wonderful aperture-priority automation), loaded with a roll of Ilford HP5+. 

I don’t love HP5+ rated and developed at box speed, so I decided to rated it at ISO 640 and push it one stop in development. I suspect the roll I used might have been expired but I really can’t know for sure, my film fridge is utter chaos and I honestly cannot remember where I got most of the stuff in there…

At any rate, I’m actually really happy I got some time to walk back and forth and back and forth, because airports are good places for people watching, especially when you’re not under pressure to travel and catch a flight. I’m not going to lie, I did get a few stares, some questions, and a few startled looks, but also some sweet interactions. So I’m fairly pleased with these images and the stories they tell.

How about you: how do you spend your time when you’re waiting?

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