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Fontana Giusti


For easter weekend we met with friends from Canada we hadn’t seen since we moved to the US, and we decided to do so in Chicago, a destination per se. So I packed my holga (of course), my diana mini, my olympus point-and-shoot, and the Nikon FG20 because it’s lighter than the other Nikon bodies I own.

In places so over-photographed/over-depicted, almost cliché, like Chicago or New York, I find it can be difficult to be original, especially when you’re just being a tourist, and to me there are two way to still produce interesting imagery: either you go classical and timeless, but that can be difficult when there are other people or cars to ruin your photographs, or you can go full experimental. 

I’m not going to pretend like I don’t aspire for inspiring classical images, but I find the experimental approach to be the most fun, so on this trip I exposed both sides of a roll of lomochrome turquoise in my little Olympus point-and-shoot (forgot her name, I sometimes call her mju, but I’m not sure that’s entirely appropriate), and not only did it give me permission to fire away in wild abandon, but also, seriously, the results were so much more than anything I could have expected! I let you judge by yourself – yes the first image of this blog post is from that experimental roll:

I photographed some dapper people in red or with hats, with the Nikon FG20 and Kodak Vision 250D – mostly from the back, because I’m brave like that…

Chicago is just so timeless, were it easier for me to go, I’d be there once every month!

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