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Fontana Giusti


It was a slow season, creatively, and I didn’t step outside of the house as much as I wanted to, not did I document my family as much as I meant to, but that’s not to say that nothing happened, and in particular, every time I went somewhere, I made it a point to grab one or two Holgas for some relaxed photographing. And relaxed snaps did happen. So here’s a post to catch up…

Plastic fantastic week was the first week of may, and of course I ventured on State street looking for humans, and I found a few, but mostly reds and yellows:

I burned an entire roll of Fuji 400H when my I unloaded the camera and it slipped out of my hands, but the two frames I still salvaged are simply everything - not to say that it was worth it, but there's redemption:

I went to the pool with my family, and of course I smuggled two cameras inside - though Americans are very chill about cameras in public pools, thank goodness, in Canada they would have kicked me out:

I shot these on very expired Agfa Color 200, a gift from Amanda, the sweetest friend, and Lomochrome Turquoise, because why not… And I don’t feel regret. 

Also, as you’ll notice, I’m starting to feel less guilt about incorporating my kids into my street photography. I feel like they give context, and Also, Vivian was doing it, it wasn’t her kids, but the kids she was hired to nanny, but she was doing it nevertheless.

And here are two freebies I have nothing much to say about, except maybe that, yes, these are among my favorite subjects to photograph, they keep showing up in my work, but always different...

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