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Fontana Giusti

La dolce vita ligure // cogoleto (GE) Italy, August 2023

I truly meant to share my street-travel photography images from my yearly trip to Italy (one of my two home countries) this summer, but it kept getting pushed back because I wanted to blog on something else first, and then optimise my website, reword my offering, doing actual photography, though nothing in the street in way too long, etc.

Most of these images I have already share on social media what feels like a long time ago now, but they’re missing a permanent web home, a place for them to tell their story, so here I am, in December, revisiting this summer’s work. I must admit, though, that an advantage of this long wait is that I let my images sit and simmer, I moved on, and so I want to share what I really resonate with. Plus, it feels good to look at these sun-drenched photographs on a bleak day like today.

So here is my first Italian series, I shot it on a beach in Cogoleto, a wonderfully popular place – not in a crowded sense, but popular in its italian meaning, featuring real people, locals, working families on their week off-, on a day of waiting for our ferry. And to me there’s nothing better to do when you’re in transit and waiting than engage in intense people watching…

These images were shot with my Olympus OM2 on Kodak Gold 200. There are also digital images from this series, I’ll add them below, I shot them with my little Olympus OMD-EM10, a wonderful little tool on the road. 

And here are a few digitals.

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