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Partido de fútbol on a point-and-shoot // Mexico City, February 2024

If you find yourself headed to a football game (the soccer kind), I have only one advice: pretend it’s the 1990s, and grab a point-and-shoot.

Yes. Play it like it’s 1998 – that French world cup might be my earliest memory of a large scale event, so 1998 it is. For the record, though, if anyone actually cares, this is America (Mexico City) Vs. Monterey. I didn’t really care, although I did learn the chants, it was part of the experience, and much easier to get people to let me shoot with wild abandon.

Don’t bother with zooming, keep it wide, let it flash, and embrace the vibe. Let’s be real, this isn’t about perfection, or about art, it’s about capturing the way it feels, the experience. 

Oh, actually, here’s another tip: the half-time is when things happen, stick around.

Without further ado, here’s my roll: Kodak Colorplus 200 in a Minolta freedom explore yada yada…

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