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Fontana Giusti

Flea shopping at La Lagunilla Sunday market // Mexico City, February 2024

I was advised by two different people in one single afternoon to go check the flea market at La Lagunilla on Sunday morning.

My hosts, on the other hand, insisted this was a bad idea, verging towards the dangerous, so they made me promise not to wander off the antiques segment, and I’m glad I didn’t let that scare me, because indeed, La Lagunilla is fun and high in culture, and full of character, and very crowded. I spent a great chunk of my time there talking to three gentlemen about Manuel Alvarez Bravo, and Graciela Iturbide, and other Mexican artists, and it felt so good, really good!

These were made with my classic travel street photography combination: Yashica Mat EM and Kentmere 400 + a few shots with the Minolta point-and-shoot and Colorplus 200 (sometimes just because I really wanted to get the colours, like the two photos with the flags). The Yashica was very fitting, and a few vendors came to check on my using it, wondering if I actually knew how to use such and old thing…

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