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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

30-days-of-self project // Days 1-10
False start, collapse, and slow re-emergence

Day 1 - Bringing the rain inside

And some people got jealous, so photographed them too:

Day 2 - tutti frutti

My assistant also played, and his images are the best!

Day 3 - Coughing and cursing - the sofa selfie

Day 4 - Social distancing, but still standing

Day 5 - collapse - forced break - and attempted recovery, but still distancing

Day 6 -long shadows, leading lines. diptych
Also past work, for lack of energy

Day 7 -Chiaroscuro
Make-up and edits by the assistant

Day 8 - the hand of fate

Day 9 - How my ear infection feels like

Day 9 - still fuzzy and muffled, but appreciating the season's glory

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