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Canon Rebel2000 with kit 28-90 zoom lens

Those who’ve know me for a while know I’ve been collecting a few too many of those Canon plastic SLRs.

All the Rebels are just so great: they do it all, the manual, the auto, the autofocus, the aperture and shutter priority, etc. And they’re cheap.

So now I’ve decided to let this one go. And truth be told, it’s because I have one two on loan around the world, and one I used so much the back door latch isn’t fully reliable anymore (though I suspect I might have bought it half broken already) so I’m not comfortable selling it. So the 2000 it is.

This is a perfect camera to carry around everywhere, to experiment freelensing, to travel with… It’s light, it’s unfussy, and you’re not risking hard to replace equipment on the way. It takes 2 CR2 batteries, not provided.

This is the lens I bought it with, and truth be told I haven’t used it much, preferring a prime 50mm lens with it – zooms overwhelm me – and I’d recommend you get one too for this camera.

It’s plastic, in the best possible ways.

Free local pickup available – $20 USA shipping – no international shipping


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