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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

APRIL 18 & 21, 2022 // UW MADISON CAMPUS

This winter was blessed with very few precipitations, so I had high hopes that it wouldn’t last as long as I remember it does in Ontario. However, Spring in Madison so far has been a little gloomy. The weather was dreadful and it was colder than everyone wished for, with plenty of snow, wind and rain. So this week, I opted for two indoors events to take the weather out of the equation. 

The first one was a Scandinavian Spring dance that my family and I were invited to by a friend who was playing. And the second one was a small exhibit of Student fashion I went to in anticipation of the fashion show that took place on Friday 22 at the Masonic Center. I had planned to go to the runway show, and I had my tickets, but booking a baby-sitter for the evening proved an impossible challenge, so I’m glad I went to the exhibit on Thursday because I had to renounce attending the show on Friday. 

I don’t trust university building to have good light, so in both cases I loaded my Nikon F2 with high speed black and white film rolls, and I pushed them pretty far. If you’re going to have grain, you might as well go all the way, right?


These were shot on Ilford Delta 3200 rated at 6400 and pushed one stop in development.

Look at all that glorious grain!


These were shot on an absolute favourite of mine: Ilford HP5+ rated at 1600 and pushed four stops in development (developed for 3200). I don’t like the look of that stock shot and developed at box speed, but it shines like no other when it is underexposed and pushed to its limits.

The last three images were shot on my way back home from the event. As soon as the sun shows up and the air warms up, life takes over the streets, and it feels so joyful!

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