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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

About me

My name is Flavia Fontana Giusti and I photograph people.

It took me years of photographing everyone I could – some I was close to, others total strangers – to come to this realisation:


I am French and Italian, an immigrant to the United States, and I married a German. I traveled across Europe, Central Asia, some parts of North and Central Africa, India, and North America. Today I call Madison, Wisconsin home, and I’m here to stay. Every step of my way, I’ve photographed the people I saw, the people I met, the people I knew and the people I loved.

Sometimes I make clean images, and sometimes I experiment wildly – in camera, during the development, and even once the image has been processed – to reveal layers of meaning invisible to the bare eye. 

Some of these photographs got lucky and won awards or got featured. Most of them are yet to be shot. 

Today I’m turning my lens to you. What’s your story? And how do you want to tell it? 

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The work I do:

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