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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

MAY 4, 2022 // MADISON
To live, laugh and love on State St.

It’s a cheesy title, I’ll admit, but this is what my weekly walk (on a Wednesday this time) felt like.

I’d been wanting to go to State St on a weekday for a while, and I finally went. My initial plan was to hit the capitol and try to see if there was any leftover action from the mass gathering on Tuesday night. I’d bailed out of that one at the last moment because I felt weak and tired after five days with my cranky snotty kids, and I was hoping to find a few determined protesters the day after. The capitol was a dead end, there were only a few school groups, so I roamed State Street up and down, like I always do, and it was indeed very different for the weekend atmosphere.

There were more homeless people, and there were more hustlers, and there were also good people going around making sure they were fed. When you spend time with them and go back over and over, you realize some of them have very active social lives, like Jason right here: he’s always with different friends. You’ll be seeing more of him soon, we’ve got creative plans!

Volunteers, bringing sandwiches and fruit to the people on the streets:

And I also took some lovely street style photographs. There’s colors (pinks and yellows!), and vintage, and singular clothing! It’s a fun season, isn’t it?

And last but not least, let me share my fail of the week.

The roll I used, that looked like a perfectly fresh roll of Fujifilm C200 (the last of my current stock), had been preexposed and then burned on the first few frames of the roll. And yes, by myself, last summer… That’s the price of not taking notes thinking I’ll remember, I guess. I’m a little mad at myself for these few frames, because they ruined shots I was looking forward to: the portrait of this man with fuchsia hair, a candid shot of a lady adjusting her lovely red hat under pink blossoms, the portrait of a musician playing in the street, and another candid of two students chatting on a bench.

Shot with the Nikon F2.

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