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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

August 7, 2022 // madison

A slow, hot and rainy (very sweaty), Sunday morning walk with the Yashica Mat EM and Fuji Acros II 100.

I tested the “telephoto” lens add-on for this series, and I’m not fully convinced it’s what I was looking for. I wanted a lens that would allow me to zoom in, but from the same distance, to be able to capture details like hands or small body gestures, but this add-on lens increases the minimal focusing distance and that really defeats the purpose, so I probably won’t be taking it for street work anymore.

Still, I’m not mad at these, you can really feel the quietness in them, right?

I might change my street slot from now on, I’m not entirely sure yet what my schedule will look like in the fall, but I think I’ll be able to venture out more on weekdays, and that’s a good thing, because Sunday mornings were always much quieter than other times I managed to get out, so I might see more action. I’m excited about this, I’ll figure something out.

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