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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti


I had such a prolific summer with my street photography, that when things slowed down as September rolled, I forgot to share some of my images from the late weeks of August.

These are moments I captured on my way to somewhere, they aren’t themed, they aren’t from a specific day, or a specific camera, or a specific film stock. I made these images as they came, with the (proverbial) camera I had with me when I needed it. I hope you enjoy them…

The lovely folks of wheels for winners in Atwood, two stolen candid moments walking around Atwood, and people fishing along Monona terrace building, on HP5+, with the Olympus OM2:

Along that same bike path, Kodak Gold200 in 120 in the Diana F+:

And a group of punk kids in the Vilas Zoo, on expired Kodak TMax400 in the Kodak Retina IIIc – the exposure isn’t perfect on these, but they have a mood and I like them:

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