Fontana Giusti


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A friend recently told me that winter was standing in the way of his street photographer, and that echoes just the way I’m feeling. So you’ll excuse me for stretching my Brazilian vacation until winter moves on and we can all start living our productive happy lives again…

More to the point, I shot these images on a day trip to Ilhéus, at the very south of the State of Bahia. We’d landed there on our way to the beach – more on that in a later post – and I was struck by the textures and the little fishing communities, so I made a point in going back on a day trip.I wasn’t disappointed – and I measured I still have it me to drive stick, however starting our little rental uphill took me a few trials and some impatient honks…

Again, back to the point, in case it matters to anyone, I photographed these on Kodak Gold 200 in my Kodak Retina IIIc and on Fuji Acros 100 (the original stuff) in my Yashica Mat EM.

Also, and final point before I stop with the words, this is a day when I regretted not bringing an external light meter on the trip, because the light was very difficult, and my two cameras are equipped with old school selenium meters that still work (for the most part, more on that in a later post) but that make it very challenging when photographing subjects in the shade in an otherwise very very bright scene. The fishermen you’ll see were such a difficult scene to meter, and I winged it, deciding to just overexpose by a few stops (I don’t remember how many, but it was at least two), but praying things would turn out, especially because I don’t love the look of overexposed Kodak (unpopular opinion, I know). But in the end it was just what I needed to do: the colors turned out beautifully, and the details in the shadows – just what I wanted to capture – are all perfectly exposed!