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Fontana Giusti



By now, everybody knows I’m a plastic camera lover, right?

I mean, we’re talking about the street category champion of Holga week 2022! That takes practice and dedication.

So to go to the beach, it’s a no brainer that I’ll take one of those fun little things and make it count. Don’t get me wrong, I also take the fancy cameras to the beach, but it does make me sweat more, the fear of sand is real! Also, I’m not going in the (salt) water with a fancy piece of equipment, but the holga, oh yes! Those are easily replaceable, so while my sister Aurelia wasn’t always pleased with how carefree I was with her camera (I borrowed it, to carry less luggage), it always came with the promise that I’d buy anything I would damage or lose back.

And you know what, all the images I make are valid (in all modesty), but the ones I make on vacation with a toy camera have a special quality to them that just hits. I’ll let you judge by yourselves:

I’m not claiming all these images are pure street photography, but they certainly fall into the travel genre in my opinion, because they transport you someplace else, whether the image is sharp and perfect or not!

These images were made primarily on Fuji 400H (that just belongs in plastic cameras), one roll of Kodak Portra160 that Aurelia had loaded a long while back, and a roll of Fuji Acros 100 (the original stuff), because I’m madly in love with its inky blacks and deep contrasts.

Next, I’ll share the photographs I made with the Kodak Retina and the Yashica Mat. Stay tuned!

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