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Madison, WI


Fontana Giusti

Winter seen through plastic cameras // Madison, WI, January -> March 2024

I just updated my recognition page to add my Daily Holga Winter 2024 winning image, when I realized I might not have photographed many people in the streets this winter, but I have walked around, and carried my plastic cameras along. So this isn’t a typical street photography article, but rather an ode to the joys of winter (though the season could be significantly shorter if you ask me), best enjoyed outside, on foot or on ski.

The first Holga images were shot on Kodak Gold 200, then I captured an entire roll of snow on Fuji 400H with the Holga 120GFN. And finally, at the end of the season, I shot through two rolls of Lomo 800: sunset images with the Holga 120GFN, and Wingra views with my pink Diana F+ (glass lens).

Holga 120GFN // Kodak Gold 200

Holga 120GFN // Fuji 400H

Ski outing in the Arboretum

Studies in teal & red

The Daily Holga Winter Winner

Holga 120GFN // Lomo 800

Diana F+ (glass lens) // Lomo 800

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