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Fontana Giusti


Minolta XGM with three lenses

An icon of the 1980s, it works as well as it looks good.

The greatest thing about this camera, is its aperture priority mode – AKA magic mode – set your aperture (be resaonable) and then just shoot, the camera knows what it’s doing.

This is a great travel camera, that is sure to get you some nostalgic glances and benevolent interactions with all the many people who used to own a minolta in their youth – trust me, people will come and talk to you.

It comes with:

  • 50mm f1:2 OEM lens
  • 28mm f1:2.8 magicon lens
  • 70-210mm f1:3.9 zoom magicon lens
  • the camera case
  • lens pouches to hold the two magicon lenses
  • documentation about the camera (in French) and minolta’s system
  • the camera front cap

I used this camera so much, and now I barely ever reach for it, it’s not right, she’s a jewel. Please buy her, use her, love her, she deserves better than collecting dust.

At some point it had developed a slight light leak, but from memory I’d fixed it.

free pickup in Madison – $20 USA shipping – no international shipping


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