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Miranda Sensorex SLR with 3 lenses

This is a fantastic camera for learning. It’s called sensorex, but forget about the meter, it’s absurdly complicated, and as far I can tell it doesn’t even work.

However, all shutter speeds are accurate, and if you’re looking for a camera that will teach you how to expose manually, this camera is a great tool. Take it from me, it’s the camera I started using when I got back into film and decided to get serious. Learn to use the sunny 16 rule, and get rolling, or use an external meter.

Can be used with flash, but beware of the sync speed – faster that 1/60th and it won’t work.

The Mirandas used to be professional cameras, and as such they have interchangeable viewfinders, so the eye-level viewfinder can be removed, and you may be able to find other viewfinders on the secondary markets.

This kit comes with three lenses: a 35mm, a 50mm, and a 135mm. And that will allow you to test those focal lenses without going into debt, and figure out if you’re team 35mm or team 50mm.

Note, the 135 lens has significant artifacts, I’ve used it and hasn’t affected my images, but it’s pictured anyways. I’m unsure if it’s fungus.

A few sample images included.

It hurts to let this one go, but it needs to be used and loved, and to teach someone new the ABCs of exposure.


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