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Fontana Giusti

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Photograph of a little girl wearing a floral tshirt, in front of a green and gold hand-painted backdrop with the setup apparent

I can – and will – take my studio on the road with me. You provide the space, give me up to an hour to set up, and I’ll take care of the rest.

I can – and will – photograph children, teens, adults, families, senior citizens.

Depending on your project, I can provide an array of backdrops and sets, adapt for seasonal needs, work with digital or with various formats of film for more artistic results. 

This can be a fundraising opportunity for your community, or a service to your guests. Let’s chat so I can tailor my offer to your needs.

Who are you? And how do you want people to see you?

Headshots are often the first image someone will see of you in the digital age, so it’s important to understand the sort of image you wish to project, whether you’re looking for a job, presenting a talk at a conference, or showing your work on a website. 

Depending on your desires and needs, we’ll work on the right poses, the right backdrop, the right light, and the right format to achieve the look you’re looking for.

Black-and-white large format photograph of a woman behind an oval frame she's holding and that's in focus, with her face blurred as if to ask who she is


Photograph of a woman sitting in black tulle on rocks by the shore of Lake Superior, in front of a deep green hand-painted canvas backdrop

Take the studio outdoors.

There’s no rule against setting up a backdrop in the wild, and it’s certainly not the prerogative of big productions and fancy fashion brands. 

The outdoors have power, and mood, and extraordinary light, all things I’m pursuing in my work.

I’d be very excited to hear all about your favorite locations on Earth and the sort of projects we can imagine there.

Studio portraits without the stuffiness. 

Let’s play with lights, outfits, colors, and textures! Show me who you are and how you want to express it, I’ll take these as you are.

Black-and-white photograph of a young woman dressed in black and white chechers from head to toe, posing in a square on a stool, in front of a seamless backdrop in a studio setting

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