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30-days-of-self project // days 11-21

30-days-of-self project // Days 11-21blooms, blooms, skin and blooms Day 11 – basking in the crabapple blooms Day 12 – soccer practice Day 13 – more crabapple blooms Day 14 – Dandelion seeds Day 15 – silhouette Day 16 – picture day Day 17 – taking the studio outside, after a week of bringing the […]

30-days-of-self project // days 1-10

30-days-of-self project // Days 1-10False start, collapse, and slow re-emergence Day 1 – Bringing the rain inside And some people got jealous, so photographed them too: Day 2 – tutti frutti My assistant also played, and his images are the best! Day 3 – Coughing and cursing – the sofa selfie Day 4 – Social […]

March: toying with inspiration and “new” tools

My month in creativity – March Toying with inspiration and “new” tools In February I got consumed with tangible creativity projects as I was processing the images and materials I brought back from my week in Mexico City when my mood needed the extra vitamin D. And I’m still not done with that project, otherwise […]

January 2024 – Butterflies

January 2024 – butterflies The prompt – The Wounded Deer by Frida Kahlo What Frida’s work means to me Frida’s an icon. A queen. A goddess. Her artwork puts her male contemporaries back into their place. Vulnerable and strong, expressing a singular view, inspired by a culture that considers magic part of what’s real, rooted […]

December 2024 – Seasonal Depression is my own hell

December 2023 – Hell is SAD The prompt – Francesca by Hozier This was inspiring, it’s art made from other art. Hozier took the story of Francesca da Padova as told by Dante, in his inferno (in the Divine Comedy). And there should have been so much to do from it.  Not that lust […]

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