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Draped abundance: a visual guide to my backdrop combinations

Draped abundance: a visual guide to my backdrop combinations Whether you’re a daycare / preschool / school interested in my picture day services, or you’ve seen my work around and have found it intriguing, or want to hire me to set up my popup studio at your event, you might be wondering what the options […]

How to photograph children // part 2 – get low, lower…

How to photograph childrenpart 2 – get low… even lower I must admit that was planning to make this article about framing and composition, but as I was digging through my photo library, I realized I first needed to address angles, because I do have strong opinions on the matter, much more that I do […]

Preschools and schools, three reasons to hire a local photographer for picture day

THREE REASONS TO hire a local photographer for picture day Full disclosure, as a local independent Madison, WI preschool portraits photographer, I am in fact advertizing my own services with this blog entry, but please bear with me. Whether or not you chose to trust me with your school’s picture day needs, there are actual […]

How to photograph children // part 1 – smiles

How to photograph childrenpart 1 – Smiles Before I begin, let me preface this article by stating two things: – I haven’t practiced a lot of what I’ll describe in a long time – life got busy, and I’ve been guilty of dropping documenting daily life while I developed other things. Now that I think […]

My best posing tips for photographing people

My best posing tip for portrait and family sessions I’m glad you found your way to my humble little corner of the internet looking to learn something about how to pose people or how to pose yourself during a portrait session or a family session. I’m writing this article to start a series on the […]

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